Profession Tree and Lawn Services Northern Virginia
Professional Lawn and tree Services provided in Nothern Virginia

Professional Lawn and Tree Services

American Arbor Inc

Woodbridge, Virginia 22191

We have over 25 years of experience in lawn maintenance, landscaping, and tree service. Our business has been servicing homes in the Northern Virginia area for the past 12 years. American Arbor offers a wide ranges of services to address all your lawn and landscaping needs. We guarantee our work and our prices will never exceed our service quotes.

1. Early Spring - Professional grade fertilizing & crabgrass preventer

2. Spring - Fertilizer and weed control

3. Early Summer - Summer Guard - turf builder and insect control

4. Early Fall - Fertilizer with micro-nutrients for a strong root system

5. Late Fall - Winterization with high calcium lime as needed

Services we offer in maintaining a beautiful lawn

Fertilization Program:

Lawn Care:

1. Mowing


2. Trimming around the house & ornamental shrubs


3. Edging driveway and sidewalk


4. Blowing clippings from driveway and sidewalk

1. Mulching


2. Core Aerating


3. Overseeding


4. Pruning plants


5. Removing or planting ornamental plants


6. Removing leafs

Additional Services:

1. Tree trimming and disposal of clippings


2. Tree removal


3. Stump grinding


4. Tree pruning


5. Tree planting

Tree Services: